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The best option for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and all other platforms which need PHP and MySQL.


£14.36 Annually

  • RapidSSL® Certificates help you keep your customers' transactions secure with up to 256-bit data encryption and site authentication. Buy a certificate and speed through enrollment with automated domain control validation. Best of all, our SSL certificates are among the most affordable in the industry. We keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard

£223.20 Annually

  • Secure your domain and all same level subdomains fast. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard certificates are one of the quickest ways to start protecting all your subdomains on a single certificate. Our automated email authentication process means you get your certificate in minutes. With QuickSSL Premium wildcard certificates, you get unlimited subdomains and on an unlimited number of servers - one certificate that will adapt as your business grows.

GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard

£351.20 Annually

  • Simplify certificate management with the convenience of a Wildcard certificate. GeoTrust® True BusinessID Wildcard certificates allow you to secure multiple subdomains on a single certificate, reducing management time and cost. Whether it's your company's home page or your mail server's hostname, protecting sensitive information is your goal — and it's our goal too.

Everything Our Consumers Want To Know

Whether you’re not in business, selling online, or collecting customer data, it’s still a good idea to start with a basic domain SSL package. We find that this basic security and encryption is sufficient to meet Google’s requirements for SSL-encrypted websites, resulting in improved rankings. In addition, 9 out of 10 users are more likely to trust sites that display security indicators such as padlocks in the search bar.

If you use a content management system to operate your website, you need to protect your login and control areas, protect your customer data submissions, and ensure the confidentiality of your comment areas and form feedback. In this situation, we recommend either domain SSL or organizational SSL, depending on the trustworthiness of the customers you are viewing.

If you have customer logins, protected content, or sensitive data of any kind, you need our organization or enhanced SSL for maximum security and the highest level of customer trust. Both provide strong security, but if you want to provide additional security to your visitors and secure all transactions, then an extended SSL certificate is ideal.

Extended SSL is recommended for online retailers. This ensures that payments, customer logins, and website membership areas are protected from online threats. According to a recent survey, 90% of users are more likely to leave or buy information when they know that it is being sent over a secure connection.

Every time you renew a certificate, abrand new purchase of certificate is required for your domain name or company.Cetification Authorities encode the expiry date into the certificate.this is how when a certificate expires it needs replacement and gets invalid. That`s why when an SSL certificate expires, it`s no longer valid and needs replacement. CA/Browser Forum sets a timeframe for certificate validation . you cannot extend lifetime of a certificate beyond this ime frame.. The current SSL validity period is set to 1 year. Therefore, when you renew your certificate, you are actually buying a new certificate and reinstalling it on your server.

No. and the reason for this is,Certificate authorities refuse to issue EV wildcard SSL certificates for security reasons because they want complete control over the subdomains that issue EV SSL. For this reason, the only solution is to purchase a multi-domain EV SSL certificate that protects multiple domains and subdomains.

The multidomain certificate can be initially activated for the primary domain name. If you wish to add more domains later, you need to reissue the certificate in your account and add the SAN (additional domain) list in the SAN field, when reissuing. If you need to add more domains than included by default, then please choose the Add More SANs option in order to pay for and activate the additional SANs.

Encryption strengthdetermine the size of keys that are being used to encrypt data during SSL session. The longer keys provide stronger encryption and make it difficult for computers to break the code. All our SSL certificates support up to 256bit encryption, as is strongly recommended by industry experts.

When you buy a multidomain SSL Certificate and you include several domain names and/or subdomains in it, the Certificate Authorities require you to pass the domain validation for each and every domain name and/or subdomain that you included in your multidomain SSL Certificate, and only after that, the multidomain SSL Certificate will be issued to you.

The verification process is performed by an SSL provider, also known as a Certificate Authority (CA). The certificate authority will contact you during the verification process to verify that you really own the domain. Certificates purchased from SSLDragon are verified by a DigiCert, GeoTrust, Thawte, Sectigo, or RapidSSL certificate authority.

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TezHost Introduction

Tezhost is a leading web hosting service serving clients all over the world. Our technical support staff has decades of experience in managing a variety of hosting-related products. Our experts are available 24/7 365 days to guide you via phone, live chat, and email. We help developers, SMEs, Companies, and Enterprise businesses to make their presence available online. Our staff helps you in deciding which hosting option will be best for you.
For simple sites like WordPress and other content management systems, it is good to use our shared hosting options. Like for PHP and MySQL-based solutions, we recommend the shared hosting options of cPanel web hosting. For Asp.Net, Dotnet Core, and windows based shared hosting options we recommend Plesk web hosting.
For solutions that need root/Administrator access to the server, it is best to use our cloud server options. You can install applications like node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Kotlin, Swift, C#, Golang, and PHP on cloud servers. Here you have the option to control your server via superuser access. You can install any software on your server and modify your operating system the way you want. It is a popular solution for many applications which need custom changes at the operating system level. It is best for hosting Android, ISO, and other mobile applications.

TezHost SSL certificates.

What is an SSL certificate? Also, why do websites require an SSL certificate? 

SSL certificates for e-commerce-oriented websites have been essential for many years, but all websites should have SSL certificates so that visitors can connect to their websites securely and have the data they need. It should be considered that it needs to be installed. Submitting form a  web form or login page is safe. 

SSL or SecureSocketsLayer, an acronym for 1, is a security technology used to create an encrypted connection between a website and the visitor’s web browser. This encrypted connection keeps all data sent between your website and your browser private and secure. 

 Adding an SSL certificate to your website allows a secure encrypted “HTTPS” connection rather than the regular “HTTP” and is typically highlighted in browsers. if a website is secured with a security certificate on Chrome, a padlock icon followed by “secure” written in green will appear on the address bar. 

Does an eCommerce site requires a SSL certificate? 

 The newer version of Google displays any website that is not protected with an SSL certificate as “not secure”.it displays it with a warning sign in red. If an eCommerce site containing login pages, inquiry forms contact forms is not secured with a certificate, the browser will alert the incoming traffic about the connection being not secure.

 This change can be a bit confusing and requires the necessary changes to the website, but overall to raise people’s awareness of the security of the websites they visit and to promote the use of SSL on the web

 An issue that can affect your website when migrating to  HTTPS is the dreaded “mixed content” warning in your web browser when you visit your website. Basically, a “mixed content” warning occurs when your website is running over HTTPS, but one or more elements on the page are loaded over a normal insecure HTTP connection. When this happens, the web browser handles the situation slightly differently depending on the browser being used. It can be a big and bold warning or alert when a user loads a page. Or it may be more restrained in that the page does not load. Loads the requested element via HTTP. It is not uncommon for websites to use various frameworks and libraries such as jQuery and content delivery networks to serve images and files. This is often one of the causes of mixed content errors. 

 The solution to these errors is to update the references to these files so that they are requested over HTTPS. This can be complicated by requests for resources from websites that don’t provide resources over HTTPS, but these issues can be resolved fairly easily. A common situation where this type of error occurs may be in a CMS theme or plugin such as WordPress, where the code may contain hard-coded references, including HTTP. You may need to update these themes or plugins to resolve the issue. Therefore, you may need to contact the developer and ask them to update the theme or plugin to work with HTTPS connections.